Mold Remediation

Identify and stop any water leaks
Water that cause mold growth must be identified and any waterproofing measures need to be planned and addressed first. This is the inspectors job: to identify the source of the water and determine and explain any plans for repair.

Full Containment of Treated Areas
First, the entire area being treated will be contained (plastic full wall containment) preventing mold from spreading to other noninfected areas. Then any axillary areas and systems are protected including HVAC, appliances, surrounding rooms, existing furniture, fixtures, and any other draft points in the contaminated area. This is followed by a course of moldicide to eliminate any mold.

Air Scrubbing HEPA Vacuums
Following containment, we create a negative air environment to prevent mold spores from circulating in the containment area and recontaminating the site.

Any molded material (carpet, padding, sheetrock, framing, furniture etc.) are secured and bagged under containment. All debris sealed and removed from the site for disposal. The area is then thoroughly moldicided again.

Before replacement or refinishing can be started the entire area is cleaned and all debris is removed under containment. Clean up is finished by wiping down any surface with moldicide before drying and removal of containment.


According to OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration —
“The purpose of mold remediation is to correct the moisture problem and to remove moldy and contaminated materials to prevent human exposure and further damage to building materials and furnishings. Porous materials that are wet and have mold growing on them may have to be discarded because molds can infiltrate porous substances and grow on or fill in empty spaces or crevices. This mold can be difficult or impossible to remove completely. As a general rule, simply killing the mold, for example, with biocide is not enough. The mold must be removed, since the chemicals and proteins, which can cause a reaction in humans, are present even in dead mold.”

Since mold grows only in the presence of water…no water, no mold! Treating the source water problem is fundamental to preventing further mold growth.

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